Groups & Activities

  • There will be a number of groups and activities that are run on a regular basis during the month.
  • If there is a group or an activity that you would like to start, please get in touch with a member of staff.
  • If you are interested in taking part in a group, please get in touch with a member of staff.
  • All groups will be facilitated by trained and friendly volunteers or HOSS staff.
  • All groups at HOSS will be free to attend unless we schedule a trip e.g. Cinema, café,restaurant where there will be a charge.


What we offer:

Book Club:  This will provide the opportunity for individuals to meet and discuss books they have been reading.  There will be a shared reading list but individuals will still be able to attend the book club if they are reading their own books instead of those on the reading list.

Coffee Club:

Coffee and Cake Chit Chat Club: This is a weekly group and is open to anyone and you are welcome to come along with a parent, care or support worker to join us to have coffee, cake and general chit chat in a light hearted way.

Creative Writing: This group will allow you to explore your writing skills, for example, short stories, poetry and scripts.

Employment Group: This group is designed to help build on the skills and confidence levels that are needed when looking for employment.

Games Group: This is a weekly group where you can come along and have a go on the Wii or PlayStation 3 and we will hopefully have the Xbox 360 up and running soon.  There will also be board games, chess, pool and table tennis available.

Gourmet Group: A monthly opportunity to experience the flavours of Inverness, dining at local restaurants.  Suggestions for restaurants welcomed.  This group will include a cost.

Lunch Club:


Service User Forum: The Service User Forum is a group of people that use the Highland One Stop Shop and meet monthly to talk about the service. This includes updates, what is working well and what needs to be improved.

Please see the calendar for times and dates of these activities

Examples of other groups we may look at running are: 5-A-Side Football, Anger Management, Badminton, Living Life to the Full, Quiz Nights, Relationship Group, Relaxation Group, Scrabble & Chess Group.

If you would like any more information on groups and activities please contact our activities coordinator Jeni Miller on 01463 717649 or email