Mental Health Act Scotland: Review Survey

An opportunity has arisen for autistic people and people with learning disabilities to have a say about a review of the Mental Health Act being carried out independently for the Scottish Government.

The review aims to make the law work better for autistic people and people with learning disabilities by taking a human rights based approach. This means looking at how an individual experiencing mental health problems and crises can be more involved in making decisions about how and where they are given treatment. It also means protecting the individual’s rights including dignity, privacy and family life, as far as possible while they are being treated including when the treatment is compulsory.

You may do as many or as few of the topics as you wish. The survey is also for professionals working with autistic people, carers and anyone who is more than one of these things (for instance an autistic person who has an autistic child).

There are easy read versions of the information and surveys available.

Unfortunately due to ongoing technical difficulties, attempts to link directly to the survey flyer on this website have proven unsuccessful. The project website with all information is

Or contact the HOSS for further details and a link.