Groups & Activities

  • There will be a number of groups and activities that are run on a regular basis during the month.
  • If there is a group or an activity that you would like to start, please get in touch with a member of staff.
  • If you are interested in taking part in a group, please get in touch with a member of staff.
  • All groups will be facilitated by trained and friendly volunteers or HOSS staff.
  • All groups at HOSS will be free to attend unless we schedule a trip e.g. Cinema, café,restaurant where there will be a charge.


What we offer:

Coffee Club:

Coffee and Cake Chit Chat Club: This is a weekly group and is open to anyone and you are welcome to come along with a parent, care or support worker to join us to have coffee, cake and general chit chat in a light hearted way.

Creative Writing: This group will allow you to explore your writing skills, for example, short stories, poetry and scripts.

Employment Group: This group is designed to help build on the skills and confidence levels that are needed when looking for employment.

Games Group: This is a weekly group where you can come along and have a go on the Wii or PlayStation 3 and we will hopefully have the Xbox 360 up and running soon.  There will also be board games, chess, pool and table tennis available.

Gourmet Group: A monthly opportunity to experience the flavours of Inverness, dining at local restaurants.  Suggestions for restaurants welcomed.  This group will include a cost.

Lunch Club:

Please see the calendar for times and dates of these activities

Examples of other groups we may look at running are: 5-A-Side Football, Anger Management, Badminton, Living Life to the Full, Quiz Nights, Relationship Group, Relaxation Group, Scrabble & Chess Group.

If you would like any more information on groups and activities please contact our activities coordinator Jeni Pacitti on 01463 717649 or email