Call for autistic people’s experiences of public transport

Autism Network Scotland, based at Strathclyde University in Glasgow are compiling a report for the Scottish Government on public transport in Scotland and the challenges it presents for autistic people. It is hoped that this report may lead to better understanding and more autism specific advice on coping becoming available.

Cal M from the one stop shop is working with them on this study as an autistic associate.

Examples of personal experiences of autistic people on public transport in Scotland are needed for the report. Please do not use your real name in what you write or identify anyone else (this includes not mentioning by name any small travel related place like a local station where only one or more people work and could be identified from what is written). It would be helpful to give your age group and say what sort of public transport it is about (bus, train, taxi, ferry, air).

The report needs to know what the difficulties are, what after effects you have experienced and what help or strategies if any you have used to cope.

Please contact the HOSS for more details and information on where to send your contribution if you would like to take part.